Public Speakers & Presentations

Table Of Contents


  • Understanding & Dealing with the Risk of Violence in the Work Place

  • Coaching Skills for Supervisors & Managers

  • Managing Anger, Conflict & Emotion

  • Supervision & Employee Discipline

  • Helping Relationships

  • Confrontation & Conflict Management Skills for Women

  • Assertiveness for Supervisors & Managers

  • Perceptual Similarities & Differences between Men & Women

  • The Psychology of Men & Women

  • Interpersonal Skills for Administrative Assistants

  • Managing & Dealing with Difficult Clients

  • Motivation & Performance

  • Humor in the Workplace

  • Building Effective Relationships

  • Organizational Dynamics & Culture

  • Burnout & Stress Management

  • Dealing with Anxiety, Panic & Depression

  • Divorce Prevention

  • Parenting Skills

  • Dealing with Family Crisis

  • Helping People Who Donít Want Help

  • Dealing with Pontentially Dangerous, Violent or Suicidal People

  • Finding the Best Counselor or Therapist

  • For Other topics of interest please send us a request for a speaker.

Scheduled Topics

There are currently no speaking engagements open to the general public.  If you are interested in developing a speaking or lecture series, please contact us using the Requests For Speakers below.

Requests For Speakers

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