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 Carol Walnum, MA, LPC
 Jungian Analyst
Counseling Services of NE Portland, LLC

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NE Portland
Located in the Hollywood District of NE Portland, the office is close to I-5 and I-84 interchange and from I-84 E or W, take Exit. 2. It is near NE Sandy Blvd and the Whole Foods multi-use building.



Counseling Psychology
  Diplomate Jungian Analysis


Licensed Professional Counselor

Training & Certifications:

Certified Jungian Analyst. C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, Switzerland. This long established, multi-year postgraduate training program focuses on clinical training in psychoanalytic topics within a multi-cultural  program. Thesis required. Clinical focus: individual adults.
Availability: Not available for crisis with unestablished clients.
Not available for nighttime emergency.
I can typically see new clients within 24 to 48 hours of your first call during regularly scheduled office hours.
Affiliations: American Mental Health Alliance - Oregon
American Counseling Association
Oregon Counseling Association
Depth Psychology Alliance
Fees: $120-130/session. Session length is traditional 50 minutes.
Typically, you come to session once per week, more often if in crisis.
Out of network insurance status. For your own benefit and before our first session, I urge you to check with your insurance company regarding their reimbursement and deductible for your policy, especially in this time of change in national health care law and within the insurance industry. For health savings accounts, I supply regular statements with relevant detail for submission.


Analytical training in the classical Jungian tradition prepares its clinicians to work deeply with their clients. The specialization also trains analysts in working practically ----  in the here and now.  Skills to help a client work more deeply within themselves are supported by in-depth training in exploration of the unconscious, such as in dreams, forgotten desires and paths, and in telling one's story.  This approach expands the therapy and helps the client to get beneath the presenting symptoms. These insights benefit clients well after their therapy concludes.  Jungian training prepares its clinicians to help with life problems, such as depression, anxiety, personal relationship issues, grief and loss, and the many other reasons people seek therapy.  Finally, Jungian training insists that each person is unique and that all people are trying to heal through their difficulties and seek a fuller life.
I am certified in hypnotherapy as well.    Additional training in assisting health care professionals including doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and counselors.

Focus of Practice & Interests

I work in relational manner that fits each individual client. The Jungian tradition works with the knowledge that an inner wisdom and ability to grow resides within each person.  I assist people to look at their spirit and heart to find the latent parts of their personality and to become an aware, distinct individual.  Each person's exploration of the unconscious is an individualistic endeavor.  I work with the client to explore dreams, projections, synchronistic events, and actions with others to understand what these events are expressing.  Through this process of honoring the unconscious, the unique individual is awakened.  These insights benefit clients well after their therapy concludes.

I also help:

Adults and young adults experiencing planned or unplanned life changes, such as loss, grief, and changes in work or education, relationship and family.

Adults and young adults now coping with the often confusing legacy of childhood emotional, physical, or sexual abuse.

People who are adult children of self-absorbed or narcissistic parents/guardians.

People who experience their partner or spouse as self-absorbed or with narcissistic traits to a degree that overwhelms the relationship or threatens the partner / spouse.

Second half of life issues including seeking a renewed sense of purpose, life after retirement, loss of energy and direction or related issues.

Situations or issues that do not fit neatly into boxes or descriptions.

Background & Experience

Over five years in community mental health settings in agencies serving men and women with moderate and severe mental illness.   Nine years in private practice for adults.  Over thirty years of work with individuals in for profit and not-for-profit organizations instilled a strong knowledge of work communities and their challenges.  Having held positions in strategy, leadership, and problem - solving, I help individuals whose clinical issues sometimes call for discussion of practical problem solving.  My specialization focuses upon establishing a trusted, confidential, and non - judgmental relationship.  To that end, Jungian analytical training requires hundreds of hours of personal therapy on the part of the analyst to be.  This requirement is often different from the preparation of other clinicians, and it greatly helps the Jungian Analyst to separate their own issues from clients' and to become skilled in protecting the client as they work through their issues.  

Patient & Client Populations Served

Individual adults and young adults, beginning at age 20 into elder ages. Men and women. All genders welcomed.

Orientation & Approach

My approach to counseling and Jungian analysis is based on a fundamental concept:   A helpful, professional relationship between client and therapist is the bedrock of good therapy. Working from that premise (and helping my client find another therapist if I do not fit them), I establish a place of confidentiality and reliability.  

Personal Comments

Welcoming people who wish to work on the parts of their lives that are causing pain or distress or on repeated decisions that do not achieve what a person wishes describe my practice.  I encourage you to call and enquire.  Often a beginning conversation over the telephone will help you to begin your process of therapy.  

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