Judith B. Ros, MA, LPC

"You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and stars. You have a right to be here." 

516 SE Morrison Street
Suite 530 Work: 503-279-8160  ext 222
Portland, 97214 Voice Mail:  
Disabled Accessible: No E-Mail: rejros@hotmail.com


SE Portland
 At the foot of the  Morrison bridge on the east side.


Master of Arts

Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts
Licenses: Licensed Professional Counselor
Advanced Training &Certifications:  
Availability: Routine and Urgent
Affiliations: American Mental Health Alliance-Oregon
Fees: $120 per 50 minute session


Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy Couples Counseling

Focus of Practice & Interests

Relationship Issues Depression and Anxiety
Grief and Loss Spiritual Development

Background & Experience

Private Practice Inpatient Psychiatric Care
Registered Nurse Group Psychotherapy

Patient & Client Populations Served

Adult Elders

Orientation & Approach

I welcome clients who are interested in facing the challenges presented by our rapidly changing world.  My years of working as both a counselor and a nurse have infused me with a deep respect for the potential within each of us.  I believe in building a base of trust and respect with my clients from which we unfold their unique process of inner discovery.

I enjoy teaching clients what I consider to be the differences between learning and growing.  Each of us holds beliefs and very real patterns of behavior designed  to help us cope with life's experiences.  Some of these beliefs and behaviors age better than others.  Quite naturally some become obstacles.  I encourage my clients to explore what drives their feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  As we question meanings and consider new possibilities we invite change.  This kind of psychological change impacts us on every level.  It is my privilege to actively participate in a therapeutic relationship that facilitates being aware and present in the here and now.

Personal Comments

One of the main reasons I became a psychotherapist was due to a need to give back to my community.  Many years ago when I was struggling to survive I had the good fortune to work with several wonderful clinicians.  My life was profoundly changed.  To this day I value my membership in this caring community.  No man or woman is an island.  We all need support throughout our lives, though it wears many faces and comes in a variety of forms.  

Maintaining ones health is a complex issue, involving the needs of the whole person.  It is my deliberate choice to be present with my clients while they discover new ways of integrating body, mind and spirit.  It is my intent to create a safe place, a sanctuary where clients learn how to heal and grow.