Christine G. Glenn, Psy.D

1815 NW Flanders Work: 503-243-6720
Portland, Oregon   97209 Voice Mail:  
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Location: NW Portland
3 minutes from the I-405 Everett St exit



Licenses: Psychologist
Training & Certifications:  
Availability: Routine
Affiliations: American Mental Health Association
American Psychological Association
Oregon Friends of Jung
Fees: $110 per one hour session
I give a discount to clients who pay privately and who do not require insurance billing; my fee is then $80 per session. I also have a sliding scale based on income.


Individual counseling Jungian counseling
Dream Interpretation  

Focus of Practice & Interests

Depression and Anxiety Midlife changes & life-style changes
Stress - understanding it and dealing with it Issues related to creativity
Dream interpretation Grief and loss
Parenting Concerns Divorce
Spiritual Concerns

Background & Experience

Private Practice Research and teaching (neuropsychology and developmental psychology)

Patient & Client Populations Served

 Adult (18 to 65 yrs)  

Orientation & Approach

I work primarily  from a Jungian perspective.  This general approach emphasizes the importance of the unconscious and the importance and normalcy of change.  The need for change may begin with an outer event, such as an illness, a divorce or a career change, or it may begin with a personal awareness that something feels wrong.  In either case, when our old patterns of behavior or our ideas or emotional responses are too narrow for our current situation, a new understanding is needed.  If we get stuck or if the change requires an understanding of unconscious influences, then "symptoms" appear; symptoms might include anxiety, depression, unresolvable anger, confusion, excessive self-criticism or self doubt, malaise, loss of energy, loss of creativity.  I work with clients to find a way through the needed changes, to discover a larger perspective for understanding themselves and their lives.

Personal Comments

I view my role as similar to a midwife's; I am trying to facilitate a normal and necessary development. This process reflects general life dilemmas with which we all struggle, particular patterns or beliefs that reflect the specific family and community in which the person grew up, and the unique nature of the person. The process is guided by reflecting on conscious experience and by reflecting on the unconscious as observed in recurring problems and emotional responses, dreams, drawings or active imagination. Every person is unique and so the work is always unique, always new.

Articles and Papers by Dr. Glenn:

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