Michaele Dunlap, Psy.D

To change your life, change your mind

Mentor Professional Corporation

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Portland, Oregon   97209 Voice Mail: use work
Fax: (503) 227-3836
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NW Portland
2 minutes from the I-405 Everett St exit
4 blocks East of Good Samaritan Hospital



Clinical Psychology
Master of Art Counseling Psychology
Bachelor of Arts Psychology


Training & Certifications: Certified Group Psychotherapist.
Certificate of Proficiency in the Treatment of Alcohol and Other Psychoactive Use Substance Disorders.  American Psychological Association College of Professional Psychology.
Availability: Routine and Urgent Care
Affiliations: Mentor Professional Corporation
American Psychological Association
Oregon Psychological Association
Mentor Research Institute, Board of Directors
American Mental Health Alliance – USA, Board of Directors
Women's Therapy Project Northwest


$165 per session (a session is 50 minutes)

Discount for payment at time of service with no billing.
$45 per group therapy session (a session is 1 1/2 hours)
Visa & MasterCard accepted


Addictions & Recovery Health Psychology
Individual Psychotherapy & Counseling Marital and Relationship Issues

Focus of Practice & Interests

Relationship & Family Issues Recovery From Alcohol abuse & Drug Addictions
Marital Problems Eating Disorders
Pre-Marital Counseling Health Problems Complicated By Emotional Problems
Depression & Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Background & Experience

Private Group Practice Inpatient Dual-Diagnosis
Community Mental Health Center Psychological Service Center
Chemical Dependency Treatment Crisis Line
Family Owned Retail & Service Businesses Theater Scene Design & Production Management

Patient & Client Populations Served

Elder (66 yrs and up) Teenage (13 to 17 yrs)
Adult (18 to 65 yrs) Pre-teen (8 to 12 yrs)

Orientation & Approach

My orientation is eclectic and constructivist. I draw from a wide variety of theories and strategies when working with people and their problems. What we think and feel about ourselves and about life’s possibilities directs our choices and shapes our actions. Painful experience can lead to rigid and constricted ways of thinking and feeling.

The person, couple or family caught in rigid patterns creates more painful experience. The way out of such tight, unhappy loops is to learn new ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling.

Psychotherapy is about this kind of learning. Awareness, of oneself and of others; joy, in what is and what is possible; growth, in understanding and in willingness to act; flexibility in body mind and spirit; healthy choices, healthy self-direction, and a new sense of optimism are the hallmarks of successful psychotherapy.

Personal Comments

I enjoy helping people re-build and improve their lives, eliminate self-destructive habits, improve relationships, and work through and past painful events and negative relationships which have affected them. I am a careful listener. I respond thoughtfully. I teach new skills and support the development of flexible and optimistic attitudes.

I value my clients’ strengths and their need for professional and competent services. I value my clients’ right to privacy and their need to have a safe and supportive place in which to explore, re-evaluate and change their experience. I believe, with many others, that over-managed insurance does only dis-service to clients. The brief interventions "allowed" by many "plans" are not therapeutic. The client who accepts a limited, symptom focused, treatment often ends by feeling rushed and dismissed rather than helped to find a new way of being successful in life. I offer payment arrangements so that my clients can have the help they want. I work as an "off-plan" psychologist for those whose plans would otherwise direct and invade the therapist-client relationship.

I value the integrity of my colleagues in the mental health disciplines who practice with professionalism, self-respect and commitment to the sensitive and confidential nature of our work. Because of this, I involve myself in professional service, consultation and education and I give time to the American Mental Health Alliance-USA, and the American Mental Health Alliance-Oregon.

Articles and Papers by Dr. Dunlap:

The Biological Effects Of Alcohol Use
Self-Destructive Behavior In Women