Donald D. Cohen, M.S.W., Ph.D.

"Psychotherapy means integration, emotional awareness & intimacy."

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2 blocks south of Powell's Bookstore on 10th Avenue, 3 blocks north of the main library. Office building also known as the Portland Medical Center 6th floor, room #604
Degrees: Ph.D. School of Education and Dept. of Psychiatry
Master of Social Work  
Licenses: Psychologist
   Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Advanced Training &
Certifications: Couples & Sex Therapy, "Marriage Council" at the University of Pennsylvania
Hypnosis Certification
Availability: Routine
Affiliations: American Psychological Association
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy - Clinical Member
Fees: Fee structure available upon request


Couples Therapy Sex Therapy

Focus of Practice & Interests

Couples therapy  Intimacy and sex therapy
Chronic medical or psychiatric illness. Transition from divorce and separation
family therapy Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Background & Experience

I have been in full time private practice since 1988. Since that time I have also offered private supervision and consultation to other private practitioners on a regular basis. From 1989 to 1993 I was an adjunct faculty at the Lewis and Clark graduate program in Counseling Psychology teaching courses such as Human Sexuality, Clinical Practicum, and Couples Therapy. In Philadelphia I administered an AIDS program which did prevention and HIV testing and counseling, as well as developing policies and procedures.  For the 5 years preceding that I was a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, teaching medical students, residents, and mental health professionals in continuing education programs in a variety of clinical mental health topics. During these 6 years (1982-1988) I also had a part time private practice. From 1979-1982 I was involved in my Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania. From 1974-1976 I was getting my MSW from the same school. 1976-1977 I was an inpatient social worker for psychiatric hospital. 1977-1979 I was a counseling supervisor for an outpatient program working with adjudicated delinquents. My work experience includes inpatient psychiatric, outpatient ER mental health evaluations, day treatment, and administrative and preventive work. I have been doing independent psychotherapy since 1976.

Patient & Client Populations Served

Adult Older Adults (65 yrs and up)
Teenage (12 to 18 yrs)  

Orientation & Approach

My training and experience have been multidisciplinary and multi-theory. I consider myself an integrated therapist.  The three main theories I integrate in my work are systems, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioral. I hope my work in practice is similar to the way Paul Wachtel writes about his ("Therapeutic Communication", "Cyclical Psychodynamic Theory"). I am n interactive therapist who explicitly represents a point of view of what I believe is mentally healthy without believing I have the last word. I believe the main power of psychotherapy comes from a collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient(s).

Personal Comments

I  enjoy being a psychotherapist. I believe I am truly privileged to be a witness and guide to peoples' intimate explorations of themselves and their relationships. My practice is about 50% with couples and I find working on relationships interesting because of the need to understand the couples' system and the two individuals and the two histories that make up the system. I am proud of my unusual background; being from 2 different disciplines, having had supervisors from at least 5 different disciplines, having worked in a variety of mental health settings, and having started working in the mental health field over 30 years ago (first job in the field as a psychiatric aide in a psychiatric hospital).

I first thought of being a psychologist when I was 12, and ultimately came back to my interest later after working for a few years with an undergraduate degree, and then after working as a social worker for a few years. My wife Deborah, and my daughters Sarah, Emma, and Naomi, represent the most important relationships in my personal life. I am interested in the social and the psychological, and how one influences the other whether it is in individual or couples therapy. I am interested in issues of fairness and justice and the sharing of power, on small and large levels. I believe in an almost mystical healing power of therapeutic relationships.


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