Therapeutic Psychological Assessments - For Families, Couples, Adults & Teenagers

By: Michael G. Conner, Psy.D, Clinical & Medical Psychologist

E-mail: Conner@OregonCounseling.Org

What is it?…

Therapeutic Psychological Assessments are psychological evaluation procedures that are designed to assist in decision making and to produce diagnostic and therapeutic benefits.  Therapeutic Psychological  Assessments are a specialized clinical service.  

How does it work?…

Therapeutic Psychological Assessments evaluate psychological processes and bring about change by combining the most powerful aspects of psychological assessment and psychotherapy into a single integrated process. The process provides feedback that is personally relevant to families, couples, adults and teenagers.

What is the result?…

The procedure is designed to support character development, strategic behavior changes, as well as increased  motivation for self-directed change. In addition, the assessment provides objective data necessary for diagnosis, training or educational placements or treatment. Planning and necessary referrals following can be facilitated more effectively.  Following a therapeutic evaluation, families, couples, adults or teenagers should have a clear understanding of their strengths, weakness, needs and psychological nature.

What impact does it have on psychotherapy or counseling?…

The impact can be a more efficient use of time spent in current and future therapy. Therapeutic Psychological Assessment can be an "intensifier" and can help participants recognize, understand and work through difficult issues. Feedback is designed to help make informed decisions and to restore a more positive relationship between family members and couples.  Treatment, counseling, conflict resolution and educational decisions can be facilitated.

How is it different from a traditional psychological assessment?…

  • The goal is to promote understanding, facilitate decision making, and to bring about change, not just make a diagnosis.  Psychological functions can be evaluated to assess performance, impairment and improvement over time.

  • The purpose is to identify abilities, as well as aspects of behavior and personality that must be acknowledged in order for change can occur.  The assessment is intended to provide direction and guidance participants.

  • The procedure is collaborative between the psychologist, family members, couples, adults or  teenagers.

  • The focus of attention is  evaluating psychological functions, fostering a relationship that will influence the student, support therapy, assist in future decisions, and to promote self-directed change.

What is the cost of a Therapeutic Psychological Assessment?...

The cost can range from $750 to $1800 depending on the intensity of the evaluation, the time involved and level of feedback.   Between 15 and 25 hours are required to conduct a Therapeutic Psychological Assessment.   Health insurance will cover a portion of these costs in most cases. 

Comments and Feedback…

"I’m more aware of how I behave in front of other people."

"The assessment helped me organize my thoughts about myself."

"I am more aware of why people react to me the way they do."

"I have changed the way I think about my problems."

"I have a better understanding of why my child behaves the way they do."

"This evaluation changed changed everything.  We were able to find medical help for a problems that was never recognized until now."