Crisis Triage Center (CTC)
Providence Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Services - Portland Oregon

By:  Mentor Research Institute
Revised:  May 21, 2014

In Case Of An Emergency Or An Immediate Danger To Yourself Or Others Contact Local Law Enforcement Or Call 911


CTC Services

The Crisis Triage Center (CTC) is quite possibly one of the most innovative and helpful crisis services in Portland.  CTC is a joint partnership between Providence Health Care and Multnomah County.

The CTC is often one of the most misunderstood and confusing services for professionals making referrals and for people in crisis.  The CTC was developed to provide a single point source to handle mental health and chemical dependency crisis.  The CTC is designed primarily for Crisis and Emergency Services.  The CTC is not designed or staffed to provide routine or urgent services.  Services provided by CTC include:

  • Telephone Crisis Screening, Intervention and Referral

  • Crisis Evaluation Services

  • A Mobile Crisis Response

  • Secure Transportation

  • Case Management Services

  • Brief Respite

  • Short Term Respite

CTC Operation

Exactly how the CTC operates and what the CTC will do for people in crisis appears to be in a state of constant change and flux.  It is very difficult to get a consistent description of services, staffing, policies and procedures. The facility appears to work very well for most people most of the time.   However, there are problems which you should be aware of if you hope to use these services effectively. 

  • The CTC is often overloaded

  • The skill, level of training and experience of CTC staff varies tremendously. (A crucial factor in crisis intervention)

  • Not all CTC services are available to all people in crisis.

A number of attempts have been made by the media, individuals, organizations and MRI to determine and define the exact role of the CTC and what people in crisis can expect or demand.  The accountability of the CTC including quality and responsiveness to the public has not been fully established.  Efforts to clarify the role of the CTC are ongoing.

Accessing CTC

There are several ways to access or use the CTC.

  • Call the Multnomah County Mental Health Crisis Line at (503) 215-7082 and discuss the situation.

  • Go to the CTC which is located at 5228 NE Hoyt Street, Portland.  CTC is next to Providence Hospital just off I-84 near NE 53rd street and Hoyt.

  • Go to your nearest hospital Emergency Room which will evaluate or stabilize the situation and make an appropriate referral as indicated.

  • Contact police or 911 in which police will intervene and evaluate a potential emergency situation.  Depending on the situation, the police may or may not transport a person to the CTC.  It may help to familiarize yourself with The Use of Police and 911.

How To Make The Best Use Of CTC

Of course it is not always possible to prepare for a crisis.  However, most crises build over a period of days.  Your ability to deal with a crisis effectively will depend in large part on the information you gather or may already have and your ability to both describe the situation and advocate for yourself, a friend, family member or loved one.  Some crisis are very apparent to an outside observer.  Other crises are much more complex and potentially more dangerous than an outside observer may appreciate.   There are a number of  ways to manage a crisis effectively.

  • Contact the CTC and ask for their opinion and advice.